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New York Personal Injury Lawyers

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NYPD Injury

While most city workers in New York City cannot sue their employers for injuries they have suffered on the job, this is not the case with New York City police officers. Because the city of New York opted out of the workers’ compensation system, members of the NYPD can sue their employer for negligence in […]

Protection for New York Firefighters

Firefighters play an essential role in the safety of our communities. Unfortunately, protecting us often comes at a cost. In 2015, firefighters suffered more than 68,000 injuries—more than one every eight minutes. According to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), fewer than half of these injuries occur in the process of fighting fires. The remainder […]

New York Offers Extra Protection to Public Servants Injured in the Line of Duty

New York City police and firefighters put their personal safety on the line every day. Although officers and firefighters are entitled to income and medical care if they are disabled by a line of duty injury, that isn’t always sufficient to fully compensate the injured officer. It also doesn’t ensure that the responsible party will […]

New Yorkers Have a Responsibility to Ensure Their Dogs Don’t Harm Anyone

New Yorkers love their dogs, and can be seen taking them everywhere throughout the city, from simply walking them along Manhattan’s streets, to taking them to parks for a good run, and even letting them enjoy some treats at dog-friendly bars and restaurants. But not every dog in NYC is a friendly dog, and the […]

A Beginner’s Guide to NYC Transportation

New Yorkers have a reputation to be aggressive, “take no prisoners” attitude drivers. Think of the movie Taxi Driver, or any movie for that matter that shows tourists trying to navigate the populated city blocks. Yellow taxi cabs are synonymous with the big apple, these days however there are as many transportation options as there […]

New York Law Protects Police Officers Injured in the Line of Duty

Safeguarding the public is a dangerous job, and law enforcement officers are sometimes injured or killed on the job. The NYPD has lost more officers in the line of duty than any other police department in the United States. While that’s partially due to the tremendous losses on September 11, the 72 officers killed that […]

Were You Or A Loved One Injured By A Vicious Dog?

People who own dogs are responsible for taking measures to prevent them from harming others.  Owners should ensure that their dogs are housed in such a manner as to minimize the risk of the dogs escaping and attacking people.  When dogs are walked owners are responsible for maintaining a safe distance from other people or […]

Did you suffer after an explosion or fire in New York?

If you were injured in or after an explosion and the accompanying pain and suffering made it difficult for you to live a normal life, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain, medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses arising from the incident. Fires and explosions are frequently caused by another party’s negligence or […]

New York City Historic Sites

The Statue of Liberty is possibly one of the most recognizable historical landmarks or monuments in the country, it embodies everything the USA is about including freedom and democracy, and represents the melting pot that America is. The statue was a gift from France to the USA and is located on the federal immigration station […]

Fall Hazards in Construction: How Can You Seek Legal Recourse for Fall-Related Injuries?

Understanding Fall Hazards in Construction Prevalence of Fall-Related Injuries in Construction Falls are among the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths in the construction industry. Statistics from agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) paint a grim picture, with falls accounting for a significant percentage of construction fatalities annually. These incidents’ high […]