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All About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a system of complementary medicine based on the diagnosis and treatment of misalignments of the joints. This is especially the case concerning the spinal column, which can be the cause of other disorders that affect the organs, muscles, and nerves. Chiropractors apply hands-on pressure to ensure the musculoskeletal structure of the body is […]

Bronx Jury Awards NYC Police Officer $31 Million Dollars

Today a Bronx jury awarded $31 Million dollars to a NYC police officer who was severely injured in an intersection collision with a New York City Transit Authority vehicle. The police officer, 45, sustained brain damage, nerve damage and knee injuries when the patrol car she was a passenger in was struck by Chevy suburban […]

A Delayed Consequence of Head Trauma: Epilepsy

According to the U.S. Center of Disease Control and Prevention, 2.3 million adults and nearly 470,000 children have epilepsy in the United States. Epilepsy refers to a tendency to have chronic and recurrent seizures, which are temporary disturbances in brain functioning where nerve cells signal excessively and abnormally. Seizures can last for a matter of […]

Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Treating cerebral palsy can be taxing, physically, financially, and emotionally. A person with cerebral palsy will require medical treatment throughout his or her life. You should not have to shoulder this burden alone. If medical negligence was responsible for your child’s cerebral palsy, you are entitled to damages to cover your child’s cerebral palsy treatment. […]