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Truck crashes can cause far more devastating injuries than standard car crashes. When the injuries are more severe, the money damages tend to be more substantial. The trucking company’s liability insurance carrier is likely to defend against your claim because of the amount of money that could be at stake.

The law allows you to try to handle your truck accident claim on your own without a lawyer. However, it is prudent to work with a personal injury lawyer from the beginning so that you fully understand your legal options. These cases can involve many different aspects, as well as multiple parties that can be held responsible for your losses.

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A Bronx Truck Accident Injury Claim Could Cover Your Losses

When you have a potential claim for money damages, of course, you want to know how much compensation you could get if you settle with the insurance company. You might have a stack of medical bills and no way to pay those expenses, particularly if you cannot go back to work because of your injuries.

Knowing the value of your injury claim could help you decide whether an offer from the insurance adjuster is fair and fully covers your losses. Unfortunately, there is no way of telling how much your damages are worth without reviewing every detail of your claim.

Two people who were sitting in the same car during a crash could have vastly different injuries and recuperate at a different pace. An underlying medical condition or previous injury might cause one person not to heal as well as another.

Every person’s circumstances are unique, which is why every injury claim is different. The amount of compensation you can expect will depend on the facts of your case.

Here are some examples of the types of money damages we have won for our clients:

  • Pain and Suffering. You are entitled to receive money damages for all of your physical injuries that were caused by the accident.
  • Permanent Injuries and Scars. Some of your injuries may be with you for the rest of your life. One example is scarring but there are unlimited types of permanent injuries such as the loss of limb or other body parts; brain, head and spinal injuries, the inability to walk without a limp. These may be total or partial disabilities.
  • Wrongful Death. These damages include the financial, companionship, and loss of monetary support and guidance for the surviving family members.
  • Medical bills. You can seek the cost of medical treatment you need for your injuries. This can include expenses relating to hospital stays, emergency transportation services, prescription drugs, and more.
  • Rehabilitation. Certain types of injuries, like head trauma or spinal cord damage, can heal better with intensive treatment at a specialized facility. The party who caused your accident is responsible for these expenses, not you.
  • Long-term care. If a person develops paralysis or is in an altered state of consciousness (like a coma) from a truck accident, they might need to stay in a long-term care facility to get daily help with required medical treatment and personal care.
  • Lost wages. People sometimes lose time from work because of an accident. If you did not get paid for time away from your job because of a collision, we can add that amount to your injury claim. Wages, salary, self-employment, and other forms of regular income fall within this category.
  • Decreased earning potential. Ongoing consequences from an injury might make it impossible or painful for a person to continue with the same job after a truck accident. For example, fractured vertebrae might limit the number of hours a person can work at a job that requires lifting heavy objects or standing for many hours. Having to reduce your hours or work a lower-paying job can be compensable.
  • Other Noneconomic damages. Some losses are not easy to calculate because they do not have a verifiable value. Examples of these losses include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), disfigurement, residual anxiety, or depression.

You might have additional losses. These items are only a few examples that can be components of an injury claim following a Bronx truck accident. To get a free consultation from Dansker & Aspromonte Associates, call us today at (212) 732-2929.

Steps to Avoid After a Bronx Truck Accident

You might think that the value of your injury claim is set in stone at the time of the crash, but that is not what happens. Certain elements that occur afterward can prevent you from getting compensation altogether or reduce the amount of money damages you can receive.

Some suggestions to promote your case’s success include:

  • Do not delay in getting medical treatment. You should go straight to the emergency room after a truck accident. There is no way that you can know how badly hurt you are without a thorough exam and diagnostic testing. If you delay for even a day or two, the at-fault driver and that person’s insurance company will likely allege that you were not really injured or got hurt from something else, not the collision.
  • Stay off of social media. Posting photos and comments about life events on social media is a common practice for many people, but doing so after a truck accident could work to your disadvantage. The insurer may be able to see your social media profiles and use your postings to downplay your injuries.
  • Finish your medical treatment. If you have an adverse response to an aspect of the treatment your doctor prescribed, like an allergic reaction, you should contact your doctor immediately. Otherwise, it is usually best to complete your treatment regimen. If you do not do so, the defendant can argue that you would have healed better if you had heeded your doctor’s orders. They will try to pay you less money as a result.
  • Do not settle your case prematurely. You do not know if you will achieve 100% of your strength and function until you complete all treatment. If you accept a settlement with the insurer, that is the end of your claim. If you settle with the insurer only to find out later on that you need surgery, you will have to pay for that yourself and you will not be able to ask for more money.

Speaking with a Bronx truck accident lawyer can help you understand what you should do and not do after being involved in an accident.

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