Cerebral Palsy Treatment New York City Birth Injury Lawyers

Treating cerebral palsy can be taxing, physically, financially and emotionally. A person with cerebral palsy will require medical treatment throughout his or her life. You should not have to shoulder this burden alone. If medical negligence was responsible for your child’s cerebral palsy, you are entitled to damages to cover your child’s cerebral palsy treatment.

The New York City medical malpractice attorneys at Dansker & Aspromonte can help. With a strong record of success, we have the experience and the resources necessary to handle your case. Our attorneys have helped families recover millions in cerebral palsy cases. We will work with you to make sure you understand your options.

Our attorneys represent individuals and families affected by cerebral palsy throughout the New York City metro area. Tell us about your situation to learn how we can help. Call us at 800-510-9695 or use our online contact form.to schedule a free consultation with an experienced New York cerebral palsy lawyer.

Treatment for Cerebral Palsy

Treating cerebral palsy is different depending on what type of cerebral palsy you have. While cerebral palsy is incurable, the goal in every case is to help the person with cerebral palsy live as independent a life as possible. Treatment may involve a combination of the following kinds of physicians, therapists and specialists:

  • Pediatrician or physiatrist
  • Pediatric neurologist
  • Orthopedic surgeon
  • Physical therapist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Speech-language pathologist
  • Developmental therapist
  • Recreational therapist
  • Psychologist or psychiatrist
  • Social worker
  • Special education teacher

Medications may also be prescribed to address cerebral palsy symptoms. When medications are insufficient to relieve the tightness of muscles, orthopedic surgery may be required to lengthen the muscles and tendons. Surgery may also be required for individuals with spastic cerebral palsy, they may also develop bone abnormalities. In extreme cases, severing nerves causing spasms may be recommended.

Manhattan Lawyers for Cerebral Palsy Caused by a Birth Injury

Serving the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and the NYC Metro Area

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Cerebral Palsy Treatment New York City Birth Injury LawyersCerebral Palsy Treatment New York City Birth Injury LawyersCerebral Palsy Treatment New York City Birth Injury LawyersCerebral Palsy Treatment New York City Birth Injury Lawyers


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