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While physicians are prone to medical mistakes, some patient’s injuries can be the result of the hospital’s negligence. If this is the case for your injury or a loved one’s wrongful death, you or your family have the right to pursue compensation.

Our team at Dansker & Aspromonte has a winning record of trial success and has handled numerous medical malpractice cases for our clients in New York, including hospital negligence. We always aim to seek maximum compensation for our clients and won’t charge you any fees until we win or settle.

Hospital Negligence Can Result in Severe Injuries or Death

Hospital negligence includes:

  • Malpractice by doctors, physician’s assistants, nurses, nurse’s aides, and technicians employed by the hospital
  • Inadequate staffing
  • Failure to perform or correctly interpret diagnostic tests
  • Inadequate supervision
  • Poorly equipped facilities
  • Emergency room errors
  • Infections caught in hospital
  • Lab/Radiology errors
  • Failure in communication between various hospital departments

There Is No Excuse for Hospital Negligence

There is no reason for placing any patient in danger by providing irresponsible care. According to Federal and State law, hospitals have to adhere to particular policies and procedures to ensure their patient’s well-being. When a patient is injured due to hospital negligence, the hospital can be held liable.

Our firm also deals with emergency room error claims and medical malpractice suits. Emergency rooms are mandated to care for both critical and non-critical patients in a highly intense and fast-paced environment.

The staff are trained in triage which is the assessment of the serious of a patient’s condition so that they can provide the necessary and prompt care. The wrong evaluation of a condition can result in delayed diagnosis and treatment, in turn leading to wrongful death.

Do You Have a Hospital Negligence Claim to Pursue?

The complicated system of hospitals means there is a myriad of opportunities for patients to get injured. Negligence on the part of doctors, nurses, facility management, in-hospital pharmacies, and other parties, can lead to significant injuries or death.

When handling your hospital negligence case, we work tirelessly to identify all responsible parties so that we can get maximum compensation for you or your family. We consult with a team of leading medical experts who will assist with preparing your case.

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More than$400 Million in verdicts & settlements for our clients

  • $50 MillionBrain Damaged Child
  • $31 MillionPolice Officer Injured in Car Accident
  • $21.5 MillionWrongful Death
  • $10.3 MillionWoman Struck by Truck
  • $8 MillionSmoke Inhalation
  • $6.6 MillionChild Injured in Van Accident
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