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Premises Accidents such as fires can lead to serious life-threatening injuries, smoke inhalation, and burns, among other things. If you have been harmed in a fire that was the result of someone else’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation for your pain and suffering.

House fires are dangerous for residents. While many different factors can cause a fire, sometimes the explosion or fire can be caused due to a defect in an appliance or the actual building. Other times, the fire can be an accident that is worsened when someone failed to take the necessary precautions to minimize injury to those in the building.

New York Fire Injury Claims

Smoke inhalation and fire injuries can result from a myriad of accidents, such as:

  • Dangerous heaters and other electrical appliances
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Inadequate or faulty smoke detectors
  • Flammable furnishings including drapes and carpets
  • Power surges

What Are Your Options?

If your pain and suffering was caused by the negligence on the part of the building’s owner, you may be able to sue for premises liability. In the instance of a fire, building owners and landlords have a legal obligation to construct buildings in a way that will not unreasonably endanger inhabitants. Such obligations include:

  • Ensuring there are adequate emergency exits
  • Making sure fire prevention measures are in place
  • Ensuring smoke detectors are installed

If the owner or landlord fails to take such precautions, he or she unreasonably places those who occupy the building at risk. If you or someone close to you has been injured in a fire accident and there were inadequate fire safety precautions in place, speak to one of our New York premises liability attorneys about seeking compensation for your suffering.

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