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Angela R. v. The City of New York – $6.3 Million

In this shocking case, a young female accountant was walking after work in Battery Park a pedestrian promenade when she was suddenly struck by a speeding police motor scooter. Angela was knocked over thirty feet in the air and sustained multiple skull fractures with resultant bleeding and swelling of the brain. In addition to losing IQ and memory, she lost her executive functioning ability, that part of the brain that is able to multi-task and organize things. She also lost her ability to control her emotions. But the most debilitating injury appeared to be permanent vertigo as a direct result of the head injury. This prevented her from ever lying down without getting seasick and nauseous which meant that she could not have sex or sleep lying down for the rest of her life. The verdict was appealed twice and we won both plus almost $1.5 million in interest added to the verdict amount.

New York Motor Vehicle Accident Settlements

Driving, riding and walking throughout New York City can be more dangerous on any given day than riding in the country or a town because there are so many more people and vehicles in a confined space. And it’s even worse when there’s rain, ice, or snow on the roads. Any time there’s bad weather, pedestrians and drivers will have a difficult time seeing and controlling their vehicles and accidents often occur. These accidents often result in severe injuries. Sometimes you can take every caution and accidents still occur due to the negligence of another. If you’re injured in one of these accidents, you should seek the assistance of a New York accident lawyer.

Thousands of Car Accidents Happen Each Year in New York

The total number of car collisions that occurred in New York in 2013 was a whopping 304,804, with only 259,740 reported to the police. In 2013, there were 344 pedestrian deaths and 40 bike deaths caused by vehicle collisions. When you or a loved one becomes a victim of a car accident, it’s imperative that you consult with a car accident lawyer New York as soon as possible.

Settlements and Verdicts for New York Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents can happen suddenly. Fortunately, there is legal help that you can seek as soon as this occurs. The following individuals won settlements in their cases:

A pedestrian was struck by a bus, losing one of her legs. She was given $27.5 million, which is the biggest settlement awarded in New York State history.
A pedestrian was hit by a bus and suffered injuries to her buttocks and leg. Her verdict was for $12.5 million.
A 35-year-old woman was struck and killed by a truck in Manhattan. Her family received a settlement for $26 million, the largest amount awarded in New York for the wrongful death of a single individual.
A pedestrian was hit by a car at an improperly marked NYC roadway construction project. He suffered serious injuries. His verdict was for $7.1 million.

Get Legal Backing from a New York Car Accident Attorney

By hiring a New York car accident attorney, you are getting the legal backing you need to ensure that your case is represented properly. Getting compensation for your pain and loss is what we strive to do at Dankser & Aspromonte. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you with your case.

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