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Joan S. v. PJ Clarkes – $2.2 Million

Paul Dansker tried this case involving a 36-year-old woman who met a man at the famous tavern PJ Clarke’s in Manhattan. After being served drinks at the bar for over five hours they got into his Alpha Romeo Spider and within minutes he proceeded to run a red light on Park Avenue where they were struck broadside by a speeding taxi cab.

At first, Joan had complete amnesia about the events leading up to the accident. Paul Dansker was able through skillful investigation to piece together the events and was able to uncover the police report and the identity of the driver of the Alpha Romeo who had given Joan an alias before the accident.

The immediate hurdle that stood in the way was that the police at the scene did not arrest or even issue a summons for drunk driving to the Alpha Romeo operator.

At trial Mr Dansker showed that: the cop who came to the scene was a young single man, who was at the end of his shift, it was a Friday night, he had a date planned, and if he arrested the driver, he would have had to stay with him and escort him through the system which would have taken the better part of the night.

Additionally, using the science of toxicology, Mr. Dansker proved at trial that being served for five hours, this man would have been well over the legal limit for blood alcohol in his system and that this fact would absolutely would have been a substantial factor in contributing to the accident and the serious injuries sustained by the plaintiff.

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