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Connie C. v. The City of New York – NY Personal Injury Lawyer

In this amazing trial, Paul Dansker obtained a stunning verdict through painstaking investigation and tireless preparation, despite the fact that the case was referred by another attorney 17 years after the accident took place!

Ms. C. was a cabaret singer driving on the Grand Central Parkway from a gig on Long Island. It was raining heavily. Suddenly her car drove into an enormous ponding of water which in turn caused her car to slide across the roadway and off an embankment causing serious physical and psychological injuries to her and her two passengers.

At trial, Mr. Dansker was able to prove that the City had failed to adequately clean the storm sewers resulting in ponding which made driving in that area extremely dangerous coupled with actual knowledge that the roadway surface in the area was unreasonably slick and should have been replaced.

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