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NYC Bicycle Accident and Injury Lawsuits

A large number of people in New York City use bikes for transportation, exercise, and recreation. However, riding a bike in this city can be downright dangerous, with the speeding taxicabs, buses, trucks, black cars, motorcycles, messengers and delivery people zigzagging all over as if there were no lanes or even pre-designated directions of traffic. And added to that is the fact that a bicycle rider has no protection around them like a car or truck would afford its occupants. This can be a recipe for disaster.

Types of Bike Accident Cases that Have Won Settlements

In New York, bicycle riders are essentially governed by the same laws that apply to motor vehicles.

Most of the bicycle accidents that occur in New York City consist of the bicyclist being hit by a motor vehicle. This is often due to cyclists not abiding by the rules of the road, going through stop lights or signs, not staying in designated bike lanes, going the wrong way down one way streets and by drivers not yielding at intersections to bikes or unexpectedly turning into unseen bikes. It’s also common for vehicles making left turns to hit cyclists or for drivers to accidentally hitting cyclists due to the difficulty in seeing the bikes compared to a car, bus or truck.

And it’s very common for negligent motorists to open the car door without looking first, causing a cyclist to be “doored”. It’s not uncommon for a New York accident attorney to see several cases involving bicyclists every week.

Examples of Cases We Won for Bike Accident Victims

  • A Chinese food delivery man was awarded $6.3 million by a Brooklyn jury after he was struck by a speeding rental car in a Brooklyn intersection. He had a shattered leg and arm but also sustained a serious brain injury. This was a stunning victory in light of the fact this man went back to work after six months.
  • A Manhattan woman was awarded $3.3 million by a Manhattan jury as the result of severe injuries she sustained when she rode directly into a huge pothole under an overpass on a roadway going across Central Park. Unbeknownst to her, the entire roadway underneath the overpass had been broken up by a ruptured underground sewer main and a road crew had been dispatched that morning to  fix it. She sustained a fractured skull, jaw, teeth, and major damage to her face which required 18 surgical procedures.

Other cases concerning bike riders:

  • A cyclist who was “doored” while riding his bike in West Village received a settlement for $140K. He was hit by an NYC taxi passenger who was exiting the vehicle and opened the door without looking. The victim was in the bike lane.
  • Another 37-year-old woman was doored while riding a bike in the bicycle lane in NYC by a taxi passenger. She was awarded $97,500.
  • A cyclist in Queens, NY, was doored by a van and obtained a settlement for $52,500. The victim sustained a fractured clavicle. The settlement was reached in private mediation while the trial was pending.
  • An NYC cyclist was hit by a dumpster tarp that was placed on the curb of Lafayette Street in NYC. It blew into the path of the cyclist, causing him to lose control. He was then hit by a truck, which wasn’t identified since it left the scene. The settlement came before the trial began.

Hire a NYC Bike Accident Lawyer Who Has Experience with Bicycle Litigation

It’s important that bicyclists observe the rules of the road while riding, of course. According to the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, bicyclists must follow the same rules as individuals operating vehicles. However, a person on a bike is considered a pedestrian under New York’s No-Fault Law section 1238, entitling bicyclists to no-fault coverage in such circumstances. Speak with New York injury lawyers to learn more about this.

If you or a loved one has been in a bicycle accident, it’s imperative that you consult with an attorney. To speak with a knowledgeable New York personal injury lawyer, give Dansker & Aspromonte Associates a call today.


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