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Lucy R. v. United Nations Plaza Supreme Court: Paul Dansker

Mrs. R. was a 46-year-old matron responsible for cleaning offices at night. Unbeknownst to her, the building was being fumigated for bugs with a very concentrated, powerful chemical agent, so dangerous that the men doing the work were wearing Hazmat gear from head to toe. Neither her company nor the exterminating company notified her of the extermination. When she opened up her supply closet she was literally assaulted by a cloud of heavy toxic fumes.

Subsequently, the plaintiff was found to have sustained Lupus as a result of the exposure and the case was settled well before trial because the proof adduced by the firm was overwhelming and the other side was convinced they had no chance to win.

Crucial to success was the retaining of an exceptional scientific expert who was able to conclusively connect the Lupus to the exposure to the chemical

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