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Maria S. v. Van-Go Transport Supreme Court: Kings County Paul Dansker

Maria, a Polish housekeeper was walking across Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn in the crosswalk, when she was struck by a speeding school bus and thrown a substantial distance. She sustained severe injuries including fractures of her vertebrae, pelvis, arms and legs.

The challenge was substantial. It was crucial that we prove that the bus was speeding because it was impossible to prove who had the light. We had no witnesses. Paul Dansker proved through skillful use of both an accident reconstruction expert and a private investigator that the bus was travelling substantially over the speed limit when it struck our pedestrian client.

Mr. Dansker directed our private investigator to comb the area where the accident happened for witnesses. He found one on the sixth floor of an adjacent apartment building! The woman happened to be looking out the window and saw Maria’s body lying substantially down the street by a tree. Using that as a fixed point, our accident reconstruction engineer applied the laws of physics and showed that the bus had to be speeding to knock the pedestrian that far down the street.

The case was settled after that critical testimony.

Case Note: There is no substitute for thorough old fashioned investigation, detailed preparation and scientific expert analysis.

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