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Medical Malpractice Attorney | Infant Giselle C v Dr. Bozza Verdict

$1.4 Million settlement Baby Taylor C:  This medical malpractice case was settled at trial by Paul Dansker in Supreme Court Nassau County several years ago. Giselle, Taylor’s mother was short of stature, had gained excessive weight over 50 lbs., was past due, and had a prolonged first stage and second stage of delivery. These were all warning signs of an overly large baby. Taylor ultimately was 9 lbs. 13 oz. But instead of delivering by C section which was clearly indicated, the attending physician Dr Kaufman, despite the fact that the baby was stuck in the pelvic area, used force to push and pull the baby out, severing the baby’s nerves in her neck causing partial paralysis of her left arm, as well as causing tearing of the mother’s anatomy.

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