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School Bus Accidents are More Dangerous for Those Outside the Vehicle

The mere mention of a school bus accident can send chills down the spine of any parent, teacher, grandparent, or other adult with cherished children in his or her life. No one wants to think about putting children onto a bus for safe transport to school, only to have them involved in a serious crash. […]

NYC School Bus Accidents Can be Fatal

When you send your child off to school on that big yellow bus, you want to feel secure that he or she is in good hands and will arrive safely at school. Fortunately, that is exactly what happens in the vast majority of cases. School transportation accidents account for less than one-half of one percent […]

Who Pays The Medical Bills For a Child in a Bus Accident?

The safety of your children is of course a paramount concern, and when you allow your child to get on a school bus each morning, you are entrusting the care of your child to the school bus driver. Unfortunately, accidents do sometimes occur, and they may be due to the negligence of the bus driver […]