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Long Island school tries to cut down on playground accidents

We can all agree that it would be best to minimize accidents involving children at school.Playground accidents can prove to be debilitating and affect a child for his or her entire life. In recent years, parents and schools have stepped up their efforts to provide safe places for children to play at school. But can these […]

Tragic death of child pedestrian in Harlem raises safety concerns anew

The sad death of a six-year-old on his way to school who was run over by a semi truck in East Harlem on February 28, 2013, has raised emotions and highlighted the awareness of New Yorkers to the dangers associated with living in a huge city. Little Amar Diarassoubba was reportedly in the crosswalk with […]

12 kids injured at carnival when ride breaks down

Carnival rides are supposed to be fun, an activity to momentarily distract adults and children alike from the rigors of everyday life. However, when something goes wrong, we are reminded that these machines can be dangerous if they are not operating properly. These rides, that are meant to thrill people and scare them into thinking […]

Accident Kills 6 Year Old New York Boy While Walking to School

Walking to school can be a happy adventure for some children, fostered by the sense of responsibility that they may feel, especially if they are walking without the presence and supervision of an adult. School crossing guards are often posted at busy intersections to make sure that children are safe as they navigate busy crossings. […]