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2017 NYC Construction Accident Report

According to the New York City Department of Buildings, there were 645 reported construction accidents in the five boroughs in 2017. More than 60% of those accidents took place in Manhattan. NYC Construction Accident Injuries and Fatalities The 645 reported construction accidents resulted in 666 injuries and 12 fatalities. Although the number of construction site […]

New York’s Scaffold Law Gains Media Attention Again

Mike Elmendorf, president and CEO of the Associated General Contractors of New York State, is blaming the Scaffold Law for driving insurers away from New York and forcing them to keep insurance rates at the highest level in the country. He believes that under the law it’s too expensive to fix the aging roads, tunnels, bridges […]

Asphalt plant explosion sends injured worker to hospital

Some jobs in New York are inherently more dangerous than others. While there are certainly workplace injuries that can be suffered from office jobs — mostly repetitive motion injuries that worsen over time — oftentimes, the most serious and dramatic injuries happen at construction or industrial worksites. This appears to be the case in an incident […]

The Scaffold Law in New York

On 8th Ave and 54th St, two men were left hanging 500 feet in the air for an hour and a half. The two men were technicians, working for Tractel Harness, and were cleaning the windows of the Hearst Tower when the scaffold’s center motor stopped working, causing the scaffold to collapse in the middle, rendering it […]

Family of New York Woman Crushed in Elevator Accident Sues

In a city like New York City, where skyscrapers are plentiful and many people must use elevators to get to high floors, elevator accidents are not uncommon. As any New York elevator accident lawyer knows, such accidents can be extremely dangerous, and even deadly. The surviving family members of a New York woman who was […]

Accountability Follows Construction Crane Collapse

Construction is dangerous work. Injuries can happen in so many different ways. Falls from scaffolding, defective tools and accidents involving vehicles are only some of them. But precisely because construction sites are dangerous is why taking shortcuts cannot be tolerated. This is especially so when a construction site injury results not only in a need for workers’ […]

Car Involved in New York Elevator Accident

Elevator accidents caused by mechanical failure are invariably dangerous. When a motor vehicle is involved, that only raises the ante. Such was the case last week on the Upper East Side, when an employee of a parking garage drove a car into an open elevator shaft. Two workers were injured in the incident. The accident […]

New York Construction Worker Killed in Building Collapse

Construction work can be a dangerous occupation. Construction accidents in NYC can devastate not only the building project, but the lives of injured workers or the families of workers who are killed in accidents. Over the past several years, the number of construction accidents in New York City has gone up from 119 per year to 157 […]

Queens Crane Collapse Injures New York Construction Workers

Construction work is risky for everyone involved. As any NYC construction accident attorney knows, there is financial risk for investors and the construction company, and more importantly, physical risk for the construction workers who are out there daily performing the physical labor. Recently, seven construction workers were injured when a 380-foot crane at the construction site of […]

Fire Adds to List of Accidents at World Trade Center Site

Of all of the occupations out there, construction work can be one of the most dangerous. Between the various tools required and the heights to which workers must climb, risks are plentiful. And as any workplace accidents attorney in New York knows, working on skyscrapers can be especially dangerous. Recently, a small fire started at the construction […]