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New York Van Jumps Curb and Strikes Pedestrians

Parents and other adults worry about the many dangers that the streets of New York City can pose to children. Guns, drugs and crime may face youngsters as they make their way to school each day. Sadly, New Yorkers were reminded that reckless drivers must also be added to the list after a tragic and […]

New York Car Crash Kills Pedestrian; Suspect Released

Near midnight on a late summer evening in Brooklyn, a 40-year-old man was crossing a street, but never made it across. He was hit by a passing vehicle and thrown under a nearby parked car while the driver went on to allegedly strike six other vehicles and injure three other people. The victim was pronounced […]

New York Pedestrians at Risk of Injury

As spring approaches, the weather warms and the days grow longer, more pedestrians and bicyclists take to New York streets. For most New Yorkers, getting out and walking is healthy and invigorating. However, for a surprising number, walking turns out to be hazardous. Pedestrians may be injured in a variety of ways, ranging from slipping […]

Pedestrian hit and killed by tractor trailer

While walking is a healthy activity, in certain places and situations, it also comes with certain risks. Pedestrian-only areas, or places with clearly marked sidewalks, are the safest for walkers, but they are not always convenient for where you want to go. Where protections like sidewalks are not available, pedestrians must exercise caution-and even then, […]

Young New Yorker Remains Critical After Pedestrian Accident

Young people should be able to walk safely around their own neighborhoods. However, in some areas in New York, unsafe intersections put them at risk of serious injuries or worse. One young New Yorker is currently fighting for his life after being struck by a car at what his parents say is a dangerous intersection […]

Pedestrian Accidents: Federal Safety Agency Seeks Changes in Vehicle Design

Pedestrian deaths caused by motor vehicles are a serious problem in New York City and elsewhere across the country. Nationally, the figures are startlingly high. According to federal data, cars claimed the lives of nearly 4,300 pedestrians in 2010. Most of these deaths are in urban areas. In fact, the statistics show that about 3 […]

Injuries to New York pedestrians can be overwhelming

Is there an epidemic in New York of pedestrians being hit by cars? The numbers might back up that assertion. Last year, 173 pedestrians were killed in car accidents; about 10,000 people survive but suffer injuries, many of them serious. An emergency room doctor recently described some of the injuries presented by people who have been […]