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Liability of Student Injuries is Based on NY School’s Control Over Events

According to a recent opinion of an appeals court, the amount of control a district has over a school-related activity that students attend can determine whether or not a NY school is responsible for students that get injured. When a school is the one controlling what’s going on within an event and is able to […]

Faulty Security Can Be Grounds for Premises Liability Lawsuit

Landlords can be held accountable when their failure to keep their property safe causes someone to be injured. There is no more vivid example of this than allowing an apartment building to become so unsafe that a tenant is subjected to a sexual assault there. Legally, the type of liability involved is usually called negligent security. […]

Falling Air Conditioners Pose Danger Below

In one of the first episodes of the hit TV series “Mad Men,” a woman throws her newly acquired television set out of her high-rise apartment window. This impulsive act was also reckless, as the bulky device could have hit someone on the sidewalk below. Unfortunately, in today’s New York, bulky objects falling from buildings […]

Were You Injured While Using Gym Equipment?

When you go to a gym, you expect that equipment is well maintained and safe for use. This may in fact be the case, but that doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen, which is why you’ll often also see plenty of safety warnings and usage signs posted on or around gym equipment. Despite this, NY personal […]

Resource Links for Premises Liability

Fact sheet for playground injuries This provides information about injuries that occur on public playgrounds. This was provided by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The Expanding Role of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in Premises Liability This is a survey regarding premises liability cases that were brought forth by victims of crime […]

Premises Liability – An Overview

Whether you have been injured on a defective sidewalk, on a slippery surface at a store or due to faulty security, you may have a case. Our attorneys can help you understand your rights. Have you been injured by an unsafe surface or defective sidewalk in a store?  If so, you may be able to […]