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Historic Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Settlement

Johnson & Johnson hit the news headlines this week with yet another personal injury settlement announcement filed by a plaintiff for the effects of the long-term use of one of the company’s iconic baby powder products. The Los Angeles based trial lasted four weeks. At the end of the trial, the jury awarded Eva Echeverria, […]

When a Manufacturer Defect Causes an Accident, How Do You Receive Compensation?

Recent headlines focused on a large General Motors recall of hundreds of thousands of automobiles, due in part to manufacturer defects that resulted in accidents, injuries, and deaths. Several years ago, Toyota also received a lot of criticism for a defect in one of their models as well. While it is unfortunate that manufacturer defects […]

What Recourse Do You Have If Your Child Is the Victim of Defective Nursery Products?

Product safety is extremely important, especially when it comes to infants and small children. Most people purchase products believing them to be completely safe and meet various standards and safety regulations. However, accidents happen and 2011 statistics reveal that U.S. emergency room hospitals received over 74,000 children under the age of five years old that […]