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The New York Car Crash Risk No One Warns You About

You undoubtedly know that it’s dangerous to text or talk on a cell phone while driving. More and more information is emerging about the dangers of fatigued driving. You see warnings about the risks of drunk driving everywhere from your high school driver’s ed classroom to billboards on the highway. Most of the common causes […]

Traumatic Brain Injuries: Impact on Relationships Can Be Profound

When someone suffers a serious brain injury, the effect on his or her personal relationships can be profound. New York City brain injury attorneys are keenly aware of this. Last winter, the New York Times published an article entitled “When Injuries to the Brain Tear at Hearts.” The piece outlined some of the challenges facing couples […]

Minor accidents can lead to serious head and brain injury

Thousands of accidents occur in NYC every day. Thankfully, many of these accidents result in minor injuries, such as a few cuts and bruises. Other times it is just a simple knock on the head, leaving the victim with a slight headache for a while, after which they believe they are okay. However, both medical […]

Emergency First Aid for Head Injuries and Traumatic Brain Injuries

After a traumatic event, you should seek medical attention immediately even if you are not sure whether you have sustained a serious head injury. While you wait for a professional to evaluate your condition, Mayo Clinic notes you should: Seemingly minor trauma can turn deadly in a matter of seconds. Continue reading to learn more about administering […]