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Liability for NYC Sidewalk Injuries

At this time of year, “sidewalk injury” probably brings to mind slip and fall accidents on sidewalks that haven’t been cleared of snow and ice. While ice and snow make sidewalk travel hazardous, they’re far from the only risks facing pedestrians on city sidewalks. Some other common sidewalk injuries include: All of these types of sidewalk injuries […]

Was Your Slip and Fall “Just an Accident”?

Falls are among the most common causes of injury in the United States, both in the workplace and outside it. Because slip and fall or trip and fall incidents are so common and many do not involve serious injury, it’s natural to think of a fall as “just a mishap.” It’s true that most falls […]

New York Woman Sues Grocery Store After Slip and Fall Injury

When entering a public place with lots of foot-traffic, such as a grocery store or shopping mall, many people may take for granted that the premises will be safe and clean-and indeed, owners of such places are under a legal duty to take reasonable steps to ensure that the property is safe for their customers. […]

Poor Lighting is Often the Culprit in Many Slip and Fall Accidents

When you are dining in a fine restaurant or seeing a show on Broadway, you, of course, understand that lights may be dimmed so as to improve the ambiance and the experience. But dim lighting where it is not warranted only serves to improve your chances of slipping and falling or damaging yourself in other […]

Are you in pain after an accident involving New York’s subway?

Living a life without pain is something we often take for granted until it’s gone.  Being able to get up in the morning, dress oneself, and go to work without complications seems to be a given.  However, if you have been injured in an accident and lost that ability, you already know how frustrating and […]

Mall movie theater being sued after patron dies post-scuffle

On our New York premises liability blog, we have written about dangerous conditions that have led to people getting hurt at commercial sites such as shopping centers. But it’s rare that we find a case where people are alleging that someone’s death was deliberately caused by people working there. But that’s just what one family […]

Businesses are responsible for your safety

Whenever you enter a building, whether it is an office building, a restaurant, a retail store, or some other type of establishment, the owners of the property have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their patrons. Unfortunately, accidents do often occur despite how vigilant someone might be in adhering to safety rules and regulations, […]

Councilman wants city to shovel property owners’ icy sidewalks

It’s become apparent to even New Yorkers who have lived here for decades that we’ve been suffering through one of the harshest winters in recent memory. Incessant cold and copious amounts of snow have made this winter one to remember — or one to forget, depending on your viewpoint. As a result, ordinary sidewalks around […]

When a New York Slip and Fall Injury Is Partly Your Own Fault

After a traumatic event, you should seek medical attention immediately even if you are not sure whether you have sustained a serious head injury. While you wait for a professional to evaluate your condition, Mayo Clinic notes you should: Seemingly minor trauma can turn deadly in a matter of seconds. Continue reading to learn more about administering […]

New York Worker Injuries Show Marked Decrease in Latest Figures

Injuries sustained on the job continue to be a major issue in this country. While the goal for all places of business should be zero workplace accidents, the reality is that employees in all sorts of jobs — not just blue-collar positions — run the risk of getting hurt in some way or another.  Our NYC […]