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$3 Million

Serious Injuries

A 39-year-old secretary was struck by a private school bus in the Bronx. Initially, Ms. M. suffered a contusion that caused a large hematoma of her right thigh. She was placed in an ambulance and transported to Lincoln Medical Center where she underwent minor treatment. During the week that followed the accident, she returned to the hospital, because her right thigh had become increasingly painful and swollen. She underwent surgical evacuation of her hematoma. Thereafter, she underwent four surgeries that involved debridement of nonviable tissue. Her hospitalization lasted about eight weeks. During the ensuing three years, she required daily outpatient treatment that included dressing of her right thigh’s wound. She remains with a permanent disfiguring scar of her right thigh. The bus company was found to be 100% responsible for the happening of the accident but they refused to agree to an amount of damages until they settled on the third day of trial for $3 Million.