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Were you in an accident caused by a negligent truck driver? Contact a NY truck accident lawyer for help.

Here were many questions regarding who exactly was at fault in the truck accident that injured comedian Tracy Morgan last year. Was it the fault of the driver, who had apparently been driving for an extended period of time without proper rest? Or was it the fault of the driver’s employer, Wal-Mart, who allegedly pressured the truck driver to keep driving despite not having had the downtime required by law? Regardless of who is to blame, a truck accident in Manhattan can leave behind a lot of damage, several injuries, and sometimes an unfortunate death.

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Negligence is often to blame for such accidents, as any New York truck accident lawyer can attest to. But often, in order to prove negligence, you need the services of an experienced attorney who knows how to properly investigate such accidents and discover the causes and who exactly was at fault.

If you or your loved ones was injured in a truck accident in Manhattan or surrounding areas, then you have a right to compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering, especially if the truck driver was negligent. You definitely don’t want to accept a settlement from an insurance company (if they even offer one) or have to deal with a large company’s high-priced lawyers on your own. New York truck accident lawyers know how to handle other lawyers, deal with insurance companies, and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Remember, just because a truck is larger than your vehicle doesn’t always mean it has the right of way. Aggressive driving is also negligent driving in some cases, so contact a New York truck accident lawyer today to discuss the details of your case.

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