Manhattan Jury Awards 65 Year Old Research Scientist $1 Million Dollars

A Manhattan jury awarded $1 Million dollars to a 65 year Scientist who was seriously injured when he fell on a broken sidewalk in front of an ExxonMobil gas station on August 6, 2008.

At the time of the fall, Mr. Deng was a 61 year old Hospital Research Scientist and sustained a fracture of his right shoulder which required physical therapy and pain injections.

According to attorney Douglas Hoffer, Esq. of Dansker & Aspromonte LLP Associates, the plaintiff, underwent several years of physical therapy and pain relieving injections. As a result of his fracture, he developed arthritis and adhesive capsulitis of the right shoulder which causes chronic pain and loss of motion in his dominant shoulder.

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Testimony by Mr. Deng’s treating orthopedic surgeon revealed that plaintiff’s arthritis and adhesive capsulitis is permanent and will get progressively worse over his lifetime. The evidence further revealed that Deng may require a shoulder joint replacement surgery in the future. Defendants denied that Deng required any further medical attention or surgery.

“This is an example of justice at work in New York City. The jurors were smart and attentive and arrived at a decision which was fair and reasonable under the circumstances,” said Douglas Hoffer, trial attorney.

Defendants are expected to appeal.

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