New York Van Jumps Curb and Strikes Pedestrians

Parents and other adults worry about the many dangers that the streets of New York City can pose to children. Guns, drugs and crime may face youngsters as they make their way to school each day. Sadly, New Yorkers were reminded that reckless drivers must also be added to the list after a tragic and fatal car accident in Queens.

A high school student was killed and four college students were injured in a pedestrian and vehicle collision on a recent morning. A van driver apparently lost control, jumped a sidewalk curb and hit the students while they were waiting to cross the street.

The accident occurred at a place where the road split into to two. The vehicle did not veer right or left, but plowed through the middle and struck the students. An individual did get out of the vehicle and apologized profusely, but it remains unclear if the driver was negligent in the accident.

Pedestrian victims of car accidents could be entitled to money damages if the court finds the driver negligent. This is proved, often with the assistance of an experienced legal professional, by showing the driver did not obey traffic signals, was driving while impaired, was inattentive, etc.

While the legal ramifications of this tragedy may be determined at a later time, the most pressing current concern is for the victims. The passing of the high school student is tragic and one hopes for a speedy and full recovery for those injured in the crash.

Source: The New York Times, “Van Jumps Curb in Queens, Killing Boy,” Julie Turkewitz, March 11, 2013

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