More than 2 dozen died at work from intentional harm in 2012

When we write about workplace deaths on our blog, most of the time, these deaths are accidents. Construction workers are often prone to suffer a fatal workplace accident, but they are not the only ones who lose their lives on the job. In fact, according to statistics, last year there were 26 people in New York City who died at work as a result of intentional acts; 17 of them were classified as homicides, including 10 shooting deaths.

In all, 75 people died on the job last year in New York City, out of a total of more than 4,300 across the country. That means that the deaths of more than one-third of workers in the city in 2012 were intentional.

Overall, construction accounted for 20 of those 75 workplace deaths; of those, 11 fatal accidents were attributed to workers tripping and falling. Among all industries, 21 people died from falls — most of which were significant distances.

Another interesting piece of information from the data: male workers represented almost all of the fatalities last year. Only two women were killed on the job in 2012.

While 75 deaths is a substantial number, it is less than half of the city’s record for a year. In 1993, 191 people died on the job in New York City — on average, at least one every other day over the whole year.

Regardless of if workplace deaths overall are up or down, individuals who are injured can speak with an experienced New York workers’ compensation attorney for advice.

Source: Epoch Times, “Violence at Work Killed 26 in NYC Last Year,” Nick Zifcak, Sept. 18, 2013

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