Car speeding from police in Brooklyn crashes, injures several

Many New Yorkers are hurt every day in car collisions. Many of these motor vehicle accidents are just that — accidents. While a particular driver might be at fault for a collision, in the vast majority of cases, the people at fault are not likely acting with malice — just extreme carelessness.

However, when a driver hits one vehicle, is pursued by police and then willingly breaks traffic laws in an apparent attempt to evade arrest, some people might have trouble characterizing the events as an accident. That is apparently what happened in a recent incident that began in Queens and ended in Brooklyn with a crash that injured several people, including two police officers.

According to officials, the driver in question sideswiped a vehicle while driving in Queens. Shortly thereafter, police officers say they observed the vehicle run a red light. As a result, the unmarked police car turned on its siren and lights and pursued the driver.

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During the course of the ensuing chase, the driver allegedly ran 10 red lights, drove the wrong way down a one-way street and sped up to 80 mph on city streets. The pursuit ended in Brooklyn when the speeding car crashed into a vehicle. The five people in that car were hurt, as were two of the officers involved in the chase.

It seems likely that the people who were hurt could file a personal injury claim against the driver. Whenever people in New York are injured in car accidents, a personal injury attorney can advise them of their rights and options.

Source: Staten Island Advance, “Drunken Staten Island felon injures 7 in wild chase through Brooklyn and Queens, prosecutors charge,” Ken Paulsen, Sept. 6, 2013

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