Who do I Sue if Ice and Snow on the Roads Caused an Accident?

Cars in the snow

New York has certainly seen its fair share of harsh winter weather this year, and it still seems as though another few snow storms will be laying down more ice and snow in the upcoming months, despite the first day of spring having passed. Ice and snow on the roads mean traffic and traffic accidents, and just about every personal injury attorney has certainly been kept busy this year.

When you have an accident caused by another motorist, it can be pretty easy to find fault and file a lawsuit for compensation. But what happens when you have an accident that is simply caused by the weather and unsafe road conditions? If you have been injured in such an accident, you may think you have no recourse, but that is not always true.

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While everyone knows that they must exhibit more caution when driving on icy or snowy roads, the city also has a responsibility to clean and maintain those roads, and if enough reasonable time has passed after a snowstorm and the road on which you had your accident still hasn’t been cleared, you may be entitled to compensation.

Speak with a New York premises accidents attorney today to discuss the details of your accident and to see if there is any way that the city or the DOT can be found negligent in their maintenance of the roads. And remember, always drive safe in snowy and icy weather conditions, and keep an eye out for other drivers as well. Just because you are driving safe does not mean others will, and a skidding car from several lanes away can quickly spin into your path.

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