Frequent Tourist Accidents in NYC

If you are a fan of urban legends or myth busters, you may be familiar with the age old question “can a penny falling from the empire state building kill you?” Fortunately for all of us tourists this myth was debunked, but that does not mean that there are unsuspecting dangers looming for those interesting in taking a bite out of the big apple. While traveling to NYC you must be aware of the possible dangers, and familiar with a New York City Injury Lawyer in the case of any mishap.

Think about any scene from the movie Final Destination, a character is impaled by a falling ladder in the city, or hit in the head by a falling brick, or being trapped and incinerated in a tanning bed. Although these deaths are all dramatized by Hollywood magic, is there any chance that you could be killed, or seriously injured in a freak accident, or more specifically while taking holiday in New York City? The answer is yes. According to the New York Times, in 2008 there were 54,193 deaths in NYC, 1,044 were accidents (excluding drug overdoses). With great risk comes great reward, in the case of New York City, with great attractions, public transportation, and millions of people comes accidental tourist injuries and deaths.

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The most common accidental injuries from tourist involve public transportation. Many times cabs or buses will hit tourist who are walking somewhere they should not be, or because they have to swerve due to oncoming vehicle or pedestrian traffic. There are cases of amputations, and deaths of tourists in New York City due to taxi cabs every year. There was even a case in 2009 where tourists taking a helicopter ride above the Hudson River sadly crashed to their death. Sometimes tourists find themselves in danger in the Subway as well, people have fallen in the tracks and gotten hit or have had body parts amputated in the car doors. The moral to this story? Pay attention, and stay alert while on the streets of New York and stay out of the cross walk until it’s time to go! Cab drivers do not mess around and neither should you. Other than cabs there are also reported cases of tourists succumbing to injuries due to falling into manholes, falling out of windows, falling on construction sites, elevator disasters or taking a selfie somewhere they should not be.

If you find yourself on a trip to a NYC emergency room, there are options for you. You should always contact a New York City lawyer who will be able to assist you with any kind of injury lawsuit. A New York City lawyer will be able to help you get the compensation you deserve, but in the meantime, always travel safely and remain aware of your surroundings.

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