New York City Volunteer Opportunities


As the world-famous industrialist, and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie once said “No man can become rich without himself enriching others.” Today Carnegie Hall stands in New York City because of this exact mindset. The philanthropic attitude still runs rampant among residents of the big apple. Volunteer opportunities are easier than ever to access for people because of the internet, social media sites, and various meetup applications.

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In New York City the ways to volunteer seem to be endless, in a place where many live big, spend big, and love big, they tend to give big as well. Ways to volunteer include giving a day of service, possibly working at soup kitchen on Thanksgiving, pledging a year of service, which involves potentially working at an afterschool program for underprivileged children over the course of a school year, or there is always the option of donating. Donating can involve giving money, giving a coat, giving gifts around Christmas through Toys for Tots, giving in tribute of a personal, making a stock transfer or even getting your company to do a corporate sponsorship. Volunteering, and donating can be extremely exciting, because there is extra help needed in the holiday season, which tends to be icy, make sure you are safe on your kind hearted ventures! If you fall on ice while carrying meals to the elderly, make sure you contact a New York City injury lawyer. In New York City there are all kinds of opportunities for different causes, whether it is outdoor or environmental, or with the youth or educational opportunities, or combatting homelessness and hunger. Three notable volunteer organizations are New York Restoration Project (NYRP), and Back on My Feet.

NYRP was founded in 1995 by Bette Middler, the philosophy is that all New Yorkers deserve beautiful outdoor public space, it is the only city wide conservancy to all of the five boroughs. NYRP focuses on making a healthy environment for all in the city by planting trees, renovating gardens, restoring parks, and offering educational programs about urban agriculture and the arts. Ways to get involved in NYRP include adopting a garden, becoming a corporate partner, donating, or sponsoring a tree. There is a lot of fun to be had greening the city one block at a time, if you find you are digging the hole for your new maple tree and an unfortunate incident occurs you can always contact a reliable New York City Injury Lawyer.

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Back on My Feet is an organization that uses running to help change the way those experiencing homelessness view themselves. The organizations mission is to use running to create self-sufficiency within those experiencing homelessness. The success of the organization is measured by how many members obtain job training and housing, which occurs within 46% of members. Back on My Feet partners with local shelters, the members complete a contract and set goals for themselves. The members meet up on specific days and times and train for marathons, attendance, mileage, and attitude are tracked. Members who maintain 90% move to the next steps stage and meet with a Back on My Feet staff to develop a road plan for the next chapter of their lives to get them “back on their feet”. Back on My Feet helps homeless individuals achieve goals and independence.

Big Apple Greeter provides interesting and rewarding volunteer opportunities for a wide variety of New Yorkers.

A Greeter takes a visitor on an informal, unscripted walk through neighborhoods the G…

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