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New York Personal Injury Lawyers

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Can you sue a school for a child’s injury, even if you signed a liability waiver?

When your child is in school, you are trusting teachers, school staff and administrators to ensure that your child is safe. Often, schools require parents to sign liability waivers absolving them of any liability should your child be injured while on a field trip or perhaps while playing school sports. However, such a waiver doesn’t […]

Who Pays The Medical Bills For a Child in a Bus Accident?

The safety of your children is of course a paramount concern, and when you allow your child to get on a school bus each morning, you are entrusting the care of your child to the school bus driver. Unfortunately, accidents do sometimes occur, and they may be due to the negligence of the bus driver […]

New Yorkers Have a Responsibility to Ensure Their Dogs Don’t Harm Anyone

New Yorkers love their dogs, and can be seen taking them everywhere throughout the city, from simply walking them along Manhattan’s streets, to taking them to parks for a good run, and even letting them enjoy some treats at dog-friendly bars and restaurants. But not every dog in NYC is a friendly dog, and the […]

Toxic exposure can cause serious health problems and even death

Although you may not always realize it, NYC can be a hazardous place to live, even in seemingly safe areas. That is because there are many areas in which toxic fumes and substances can come into contact with the public and cause serious injuries. Exposure to toxic substances poses great health risks, and if you or […]

Many NY intersections pose a risk to bicyclists and pedestrians

Navigating New York City streets can be a challenge at times, no matter whether you are driving a car, riding a bike, or simply walking. Intersections of course pose the biggest risk, and some New York City intersections are a lot more dangerous than others. In fact, many have earned the notorious recognition of being […]

Were You Bitten By A Dog? Who Is Liable For Your Injuries?

Manhattan residents love their dogs, and the city streets are often filled with thousands of the furry creatures each day as they are walked and paraded about. However, not every dog has a wonderful temperament, and it only takes one unfortunate incident for a Manhattan resident to cross paths with a dog in a bad […]

Were You In An Accident Caused By A Negligent Truck Driver?

There were many questions regarding who exactly was at fault in the truck accident that injured comedian Tracy Morgan last year. Was it the fault of the driver, who had apparently been driving for an extended period of time without proper rest? Or was it the fault of the driver’s employer, Wal-Mart, who allegedly pressured […]

How Do You Know if You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in NY?

When you are injured in the city of New York, you may have grounds for a lawsuit and the right to receive compensation, depending upon the circumstances of your injuries. There are many cases in which your injuries or those suffered by a loved one could have been prevented or are the result of someone […]