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Construction Accidents That Are Frequently Seen in New York City

By Dansker & Aspromonte

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By Dansker & AspromonteFebruary 14, 2016

Construction in New York City – The Big Apple – is part of what ranks New York State as the “construction capital” of the world. Construction sites can be very dangerous putting safety standards enforcement at the highest priority. In fact, the New York State Legislature enacted special labor laws protecting construction workers against related work-site accidents; accidents that can happen suddenly and without any warning. These laws were put into place in attempt to prevent serious, and catastrophic accidents – thousands occur yearly – injuring and killing workers across New York State.

The New York’s strict labor laws are clear where liabilities rest. Safety violations fault is absolute, lying on general contractors – project owners – associated agents, site owners and property owners. New York City’s Department of Buildings keeps detailed data and publishes annual reports providing the number of, and types of accidents – excavation/soil work, material falls, mechanical construction equipment, scaffold/shed/fence/shoring installation, worker falls, other construction related incidents falling outside aforementioned categories.

Eighty-Foot Fall Kills Builder in New York City – The builder had been working on the Midtown Hotel for about a year when he fell 80 feet from a scaffold to his death.

Building and crane collapses in New York City are unfortunately commonplace, and too often serious injuries or deaths occur. The headlines are horrific.

Horrific Common Construction Worker Headlines

“Our Workers Don’t Rest In Peace”

Midtown Building Collapses – One Dead

Worker Trapped for Hours in NYC Building Collapse

Demolition Worker Killed and One Other Seriously Injured

One Dead, One Injured In Midtown Manhattan Internal Building Collapse

15 Story Crane Topples into Manhattan Street – One Killed and Three Injured

Worker Dies Falling Down New York Elevator Shaft

Carpenter’s Safety Gear Failure Cause 15-Foot Fall

Building Collapses During Demolition – NYC Construction Worker Killed

Not only are constructions workers exposed to worksite dangers, innocent by standers are not immune. Pedestrians are injured once a month, according to the Wall Street Journal’s analysis of the city Department of Buildings records.

Giant 10 lbs. Drill Bit Catapults 50 Feet Drives Through Double-Planed Thermal Window – Shards of Glass Cover Gym Member

On Wednesday, July 9, 2014, at 8:47 a.m. Robin Cocking, a member of the Asphalt Green Gym at 90th Street and York Avenue was covered by glass shards when a 10 lbs. drill bit shot through the gym’s double-paned windows. Cocking, was treated for minor injuries and was shaken from the incident.

“I was working out on the fourth floor and I saw something coming through the window,” Cocking said Wednesday afternoon. “I thought if it is breaking the glass it has to be heavy and sharp but I don’t remember reacting. I just remember kneeling in a pool of broken glass.”

Horrific Common Pedestrian Headlines

Plywood Flies Striking and Killing 37-year old Woman in West Village

TriBeCa Crane Collapses Killing Manhattan Man

NYC Crane Collapses Killing One, Seriously Injuring Two

Crane Collapses In Lower Manhattan onto Cars Killing One

Two People Killed in East Village Building Explosion

Building Front Collapses – Four Injured

Crane Drops 12-Ton Air Conditioning Unit 30 Stories – 10 People Injured

People assume, even expect construction workers to be injured from time to time, but the thought of innocent bystanders being injured or killed does not seem common. In a congested city, here construction and everyday lives of pedestrians cohabitate, both are subject to the unthinkable.

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