I Want To Change My Lawyer What Steps To Take

I Want to Change My Lawyer. What Steps Do I Need to Take?

If you want to change your lawyer, steps you should take include:

  1. Finding the new law firm that you want to hire
  2. Informing the new law firm of your concerns
  3. Allowing the law firm to inform your previous lawyer of the transition

It really is this simple. Your new lawyer will send a termination letter to your previous attorney, and they will work out fee-related issues between them. You should not have to deal with your former lawyer once you decide to move on.

Why Might You Choose to Change Lawyers?

You don’t have to have a reason to change lawyers. Your desire to change attorneys, though, suggests that you have a reason for doing so. Some reasons for finding a new attorney may include:

Lack of Attention from Your Current Lawyer

When you hire a lawyer, you expect them to prioritize your case. Of course, you know that any competent attorney will have other clients. Nonetheless, capable lawyers manage their time skillfully among different cases. 

You may feel that your lawyer isn’t prioritizing your case if:

  • You don’t receive regular updates
  • Your case makes no apparent progress, and you don’t receive a sufficient explanation as to why
  • You cannot reach your attorney when you have questions or concerns
  • Your attorney exudes annoyance or impatience when dealing with you

You deserve an attorney who will give your case their full attention. Lack of attention is a justifiable reason for changing lawyers.

Lack of Trust in Your Current Attorney

Lawyers hold their clients’ cases in their hands. Without the necessary trust, a client may wonder: will my lawyer secure the best possible outcome for me?

Trust between an attorney and client can erode if:

  • The attorney fails to stand up to insurance companies or other attorneys
  • The attorney appears unprepared for crucial parts of a case
  • The attorney pressures the client into a settlement that the client does not want
  • The lawyer acts in any way that appears untrustworthy

Trust can be difficult to quantify – for many, it is a feeling. You should have nothing but the utmost confidence in your lawyer. If you find yourself lacking trust or confidence in your attorney, it may be time to make a change.

Poor Communication With Your Current Law Firm

Communication is paramount to the attorney-client relationship.

Effective communication by an attorney generally includes:

  • Giving the client their phone number
  • Returning calls and emails promptly
  • Providing an alternate contact for periods when the attorney is unavailable
  • Providing clear, detailed answers to the client’s questions and concerns
  • Providing regular case updates

Attorneys should know a client’s communication-related expectations. If they fail to honor these expectations, then a lawyer projects apathy towards the client’s case.

Ethical Concerns About Your Attorney

Ethical shortcomings are serious, particularly when the offender is a lawyer. Dishonesty, arrests, and badmouthing other clients may all give you reason for concern. 

There are other reasons to change lawyers. If you want to change lawyers for any reason, take the steps to do so.

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Will Changing Attorneys Affect Your Case?

When you change attorneys, there may be a period of transition – this is unavoidable. However, your new attorney should make the transition as seamless as possible. They will likely reach out to your previous lawyer, obtaining all relevant information and documentation.

Even if changing lawyers adds time to your case, it may be worthwhile. Ask yourself: would you rather have a shorter case with a lesser attorney, or a slightly longer case with a more effective attorney? For most clients, the latter is the better option.

Will Changing Lawyers Cost You More?

Changing lawyers should not have any additional cost. Most personal injury lawyers work for contingency fees. Your former and current lawyer may discuss splitting a contingency fee or whether a split is necessary.

You should be 100% clear about fees before you change lawyers. Cost is always an important consideration when choosing an attorney.

So You Want to Change Attorneys. What Now?

If you decide to change lawyers, the next step is finding your new attorney. You may seek attorneys:

  • On the internet
  • Through recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues
  • Through advertisements
  • Through any other means you see fit

You should seek a firm that practices your case type. Ideally, the firm you choose will have a record of winning cases like yours. Complete a free consultation. The firm should be able to answer your questions and address your concerns. 

Voice your issues with your current attorney and discuss your expectations from a lawyer with this new law firm.

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