What Causes Accidents In Construction

What Causes Accidents in Construction?

Various circumstances cause accidents in construction. Negligence, unsafe work conditions, failure to provide adequate safety equipment, improper use of equipment or tools, and lack of safety precautions are common examples of what causes accidents in construction.

Construction work can be an unsafe and dangerous industry. For people who work in construction, the likelihood of getting injured is higher than in other professions. As reported by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), in 2018, 21.1 percent of work fatalities in the private sector occurred because of construction accidents.

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Types of Accidents Often Seen in Construction

In construction, there are several ways workers can be injured. However, among the many dangers and hazards in the field, the majority of injuries and fatalities fall into one of the “Fatal Four,” as stated by OSHA. The “Fatal Four” are notorious because they involve a variety of factors that cause accidents in construction.

These type of accidents include:


Falls can be dangerous in construction, as they cause hundreds of deaths every year. These kinds of accidents can occur when a worker is not provided with the proper safety equipment such as harnesses or lifelines or are provided with defective or broken ladders or scaffolds. These accidents can also happen in stairwells if there are dangerous conditions such as debris present or there are no handrails present.

With great heights, anyone who falls is likely to experience severe injuries or even death. In construction-related fall accidents that result in death, the death might have occurred because there was little to no protection to prevent the fall.

Struck by Object Accidents

Workers being struck by falling objects are one of the most common and deadly types of accidents on construction sites. These accidents involve workers being hit by objects, which can cause tremendous injury due to the force and impact. It has been determined that many of these accidents result from a lack of training in the job, failure to provide adequate safety equipment, and improper use of equipment and machinery.

Caught in or Between Equipment

These types of accidents occur when construction workers are caught between two pieces of heavy equipment or between the equipment and an unmovable object, such as a wall. They can result in dangerous situations and severe injuries.

Some types of accidents in this regard include cave-ins, collapses, machinery rollovers, or getting caught in the moving parts of machinery. Body parts can become caught, crushed, compressed, or pinched.


Workers can be severely injured and killed due to accidents involving electricity. Electrocution happens when a person, a piece of equipment, or a tool interacts with power lines or another electrical source and becomes electrified.

These accidents can cause severe injury. In many cases, the individual who got harmed was unaware of the danger. The energized power sources might have been conducting electricity from above ground or underground power lines, creating a hazard that was not apparent until the damage was done.

Other Types of Construction Accidents

Other common types of accidents in construction include:

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A Lawyer Can Help You Build a Construction Accident Case

Workers’ compensation usually pays for some of the economic losses suffered in construction accidents that happen on the job. However, under many circumstances you can still bring a personal injury claim, as well, to recover money damages for the pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and economic losses that you have suffered and may continue to suffer. If you have been injured in a construction accident or lost a loved one due to a construction accident, you should discuss your case with a lawyer from Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP. will examine the details of your case to determine if you can pursue a claim and maximize your recovery.

Furthermore, a construction accident lawyer will:

  • Assess your damages: Your lawyer will analyze the specific details of your injuries and accident to build a strong case that highlights your damages and losses, the time you have missed from work, and the impact the accident had on your life.
  • Advise you on your case: Your attorney will provide legal counsel and guidance on how to handle the case and how to present your case to the representatives from the insurance company and to a jury if a trial is necessary.
  • Manage your case on your behalf: Your lawyer and our team can manage all of the specific details of your case, including paperwork, legal filings, and communications. This can be very confusing and time-consuming, so you should have an experienced legal team to handle these matters so that you can focus on your recovery.

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If you are interested in pursuing a claim, a lawyer can assist you and fight for compensation on your behalf. If you would like to file a lawsuit, you have a limited period to do so. It is important to keep the New York statute of limitations deadline in mind because if you fail to file your lawsuit in time, you may lose the opportunity to hold the negligent party responsible for their actions and the damages you suffered.

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