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Motorcycle Safety Facts & Statistics

By Dansker & Aspromonte

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By Dansker & AspromonteJanuary 24, 2016

Most people may think of motorcycle safety as an oxymoron, but the millions of motorcycle enthusiast would disagree. They love the freedom of the wind blowing in their face, the exhilaration of feeling like “flying” through air, feeling more connected to the environment and the adrenaline rush of adventure; and truthfully? A motorcycle has personality and implies attitude.

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There are tons of reasons bikers ride, all ranging from being closer to nature to the freedom of no confinements, to “the speed” and “the rush”. With all that exhilaration comes a huge responsibility, and the danger of an accident. Both the motorcycle rider and automobile driver bear important responsibility when it comes to safety on the road. For example, a motorcyclists needs to remember, when the automobile driver is changing lanes he may not always have a clear view of the motorcycle. Motorcycle safety goes both ways; a rider being diligent in personal safety precautions could save his life.

Interesting Motorcycle Facts

  1. The majority of motorcycle accidents involve collision with another vehicle, and most predominately due to motorists failing to detect motorcycles in traffic.
  2. Rider error is blamed (example, over braking, going too fast on a curve) for one-fourth motorcycle accidents involving no other vehicle, and a small percentage is related to bike failure (example, tire blowout).
  3. Most other vehicle involvement accidents result from violating the motorcycle’s right-of-way.
  4. Intersections are the most common scenes of a motorcycle accident.
  5. Weather conditions are rarely a factor.
  6. Motorcyclist lack of attention is a common factor.
  7. Typically, a motorcyclist has less than two seconds avoid a collision.
  8. Helmet laws as of January 2016: Iowa and Illinois are the only two states that have no helmet law. Twenty-eight have partial laws coving riders 17 and younger, and twenty have universal laws covering all riders.
  9. About 50% of motorcyclists wear helmets, but about 40% are wearing them at the time of accident.
  10. Chest and head injuries are the most common deadly injuries.

Environment Can Causes Accidents

  • Road defects – potholes, pavement ridges
  • Animals in the road
  • Debris in the road

Wearing Motorcycle Helmets

Helmets help to protect the head and neck, and can prevent traumatic brain injuries or death. Motorcyclists wearing a helmet sustain fewer neck injuries than those without out a helmet.

  • Significantly lower head and neck injuries – All types and all severity levels
  • Increased facial coverage protection

Scary Motorcycle Statistics

  • Motorcyclist Death in an Automobile Accident – 26 times more likely
  • Motorcyclist Injury in an Automobile Accident – 5 times more likely
  • Single Vehicle Collisions – 96%
  • Multiple Vehicle Collisions – 98%
  • Collisions Resulting in More than Minor Injuries – 45%
  • Motorcyclist’s Right-Of-Way – Violated in two-thirds of accidents involving second vehicle
  • Motorcycle Deaths – 11% of all fatalities
  • Motorcyclist Deaths – 4,668 in 2013
  • Motorcyclist Injuries – 88,000 in 2013
  • Motorcycles on the Road – 8.4 million in 2013

Attorney Representation

Motorcycle accidents are largely underrepresented, but the severity of accident injuries is significantly higher. Students, laborers, and artisans make up the majority of accident-involved motorcycle riders. The riders significantly underrepresented are those between the ages of 30 and 50.

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But when you partner with a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer in New York City, you can feel confident that you will receive the justice you deserve for your injuries.

Under Represented

  • Craftsmen
  • Professionals
  • Sales Workers
  • Motorcycles Fairings and Windshields Equipped

Over Represented

Motorcyclists between 16 to 24 years of age are significantly over represented. Females are significantly over represented, even though 96% of motorcycle accident lawyer s involved male riders.

  • Students
  • Unemployed
  • Laborers
  • Females
  • Motorcyclist – previously recent accidents and traffic citations
  • Modified Motorcycles – Such as Chopper

Not Over Represented

  • Passenger-carrying motorcycles

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Anyone that has sat in and fought NYC traffic knows how dangerous it can be for a car, much less maneuvering a motorcycle safely. What about the negligent biker who took a curve too fast and went wide; or, lost control when over breaking and lost control of the motorcycle, or not following traffic laws in general? Accidents happen often and if the accident victim is lucky, injuries are minimal. Often the negligence of others results in extensive and life-changing damages that can be costly. When the worst happens, there is help. Consulting with an experienced New York City Motorcycle Accident Attorney is the smart choice. They will fight to get the financial compensation you deserve to help pay for past and future medical expenses.

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