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While you may have done everything you could to place your elderly loved one in a good nursing home or medical facility, the care and conditions always risk falling way below what is deemed acceptable and reasonable. If you suspect dehydration or malnutrition in your relative, this is a very serious matter that could justify legal action to expose neglect, abuse, and even endangerment.

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Malnutrition and Dehydration Are Serious Conditions That Can Be Prevented

Sadly, the staffing costs and food budgets in nursing homes are constant areas of focus, even for the more exclusive facilities. Because of this, the residents in the homes sometimes suffer severe consequences of neglect or nursing home abuse.

The consequences of dehydration and malnutrition include:

  • A severely depleted immune system and the decreased chances of surviving a surgical procedure
  • Bedsores and a range of other medical conditions that make patients more vulnerable to life-threatening infections
  • Malnutrition and dehydration go together. Each and every day, someone in the U.S. is suffering from malnutrition and dehydration due to neglect in a nursing home. Usually, those patients are bedridden or have limited mobility and the staff fail to meet their nutritional and hydration needs.

Unfortunately, dehydration is one of the most common reasons that nursing home residents are admitted to hospital emergency rooms. It is, along with malnutrition, one of the worst kinds of abuse.

Has Your Loved One Suffered from Malnutrition or Dehydration?

As people get older, their appetite and sense of thirst can reduce. For this reason, nursing homes need to have registered dieticians on their staff panels to ensure residents receive adequate nutrition and hydration. It is important to realize that dehydration and malnutrition can only occur if there is neglect and both can be dangerous to a person’s well-being.

Dehydration can lead to complex health issues and malnutrition can rob your loved one of their life. When you place your relative in a nursing home, they have every right to be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect. When neglect takes place in the nursing home, our experienced lawyers work diligently to ensure your precious relative will receive the compensation that he or she needs for medical bills and other related expenses due to the neglect.

If your elderly loved one has suffered from either form of neglect due to the nursing home staff’s negligence, you could hold the facility liable for the financial damages incurred. The experienced nursing home lawyers at Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP can help you recover compensation for costs and medical expenses related to the incident.

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