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Did your child slip and fall at school? How school accident lawyers in NYC can help.

You often hear about slip and fall accidents in office buildings, near construction zones, and in retail establishments, but these types of accidents can also happen at school. Crowded halls, school equipment, wet floors and many other factors can contribute to a child slipping, falling and hurting themselves at school, and if their injuries are serious, a school accident lawyer may be needed in order to establish negligent conditions and ensure that the child’s family receives compensation for injuries and other damages.


The teachers, custodians, maintenance staff and anyone else employed by the school have a responsibility to ensure the safety of your children. A school accident lawyer in NYC deals with slip and fall cases quite often, and is well aware of the rules and regulations regarding school safety. If the conditions that caused your child to slip and fall were a result of negligence or unsafe conditions, you are entitled to certain rights of compensation.

When speaking with a NYC premises accidents accident lawyer, you will learn whether or not you may have a justifiable case, and what types of compensation you may be entitled to beyond medical bills for the treatment of injuries sustained. This is especially important if the injuries are severe enough to warrant future treatment or have resulted in permanent injury to your child. Be wary of school administrators attempting to offer you a small settlement, as they simply want to avoid a lawsuit, and will try to convince you that hiring a lawyer is not necessary.

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