1 killed, 2 injured as car slams into Queens auto-body shop

One person was killed and another two were injured when a car crashed into an auto-body shop in Queens last week.

According to police, two vehicles were proceeding down 126th Street when one vehicle “clipped” the other, sending it careening into New Pamir Auto Body Shop.

A 33-year-old man who was standing outside the shop was struck and killed. Two shop workers were also injured; one of them may need to have his legs amputated. It is not clear what happened to the driver of the vehicle.

Authorities have said the investigation is ongoing.

Sometimes, car accidents are spoken of as if they are just “one of those things that happens,” as if they are unfortunate but unpreventable accidents. This is not entirely true.

If the drivers of the two vehicles involved in this incident were speeding or street racing, then both of them should be responsible for the death, injuries and damage to property that they caused. Even if they were not racing, they are still liable if they drove carelessly, inattentively or negligently in any manner.

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When the investigation into what occurred here is complete, the options of the injured persons and the deceased man’s family will become clear. Although it would be ideal if the accident had never happened, damages including personal injuries, medical expenses, lost wages and wrongful death could at least assist with the practical aspects of picking up the pieces from this devastating incident.

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Source: The New Republic, “Car plows into Queens auto body shop, killing worker, injuring 2 others,” April 23, 2013

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