12 kids injured at carnival when ride breaks down

Carnival rides are supposed to be fun, an activity to momentarily distract adults and children alike from the rigors of everyday life. However, when something goes wrong, we are reminded that these machines can be dangerous if they are not operating properly. These rides, that are meant to thrill people and scare them into thinking they might not be safe, turn nightmarish when a malfunction happens.

Earlier this week, 12 children and one adult were hurt when a carnival ride they were on in Connecticut called the Zumur abruptly stopped, sending riders who were swinging around the ride colliding into one another. While most riders were treated and released for their child injuries, an 8-year-old boy did have to be admitted to the hospital for further observation.

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There are many potential culpable parties in a case like this. The ride was being operated at the Oyster Festival in Norwalk – so the organizer of the festival could be on the hook if they were shown to be negligent in selecting and approving the amusement company that provided and operated the ride.

The operator of the ride, an amusement company, theoretically could be held accountable as well, if it could be shown that it was somehow negligent in operating the device.

Thankfully, nobody seems to have been seriously injured in the incident; the festival actually remained open, even though the entire ride area was shut down for a time. Regardless of the circumstances, when a child is injured in an incident such as this one, concerned parents might wish to consult with a child injury attorney in New York.

Source: Associated Press, “More than a dozen hurt when ride malfunctions at Connecticut fair,” Sept. 8, 2013

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