Car accident claims might be settled quickly in the future

When two vehicles are involved in a car accident, it’s likely that the occupants of one vehicle will have a different version of events than the occupants of the other vehicle. This is especially true when one party or the other has been injured in the motor vehicle crash — nobody wants to be held liable for injuries another person has suffered, after all.

As automotive technology improves in the years to come, it might become easier to determine who is at fault for automobile accidents. This could mean that injured people may not have to wait as long to receive compensation after they have been involved in a motor vehicle collision.

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What about when most cars are no longer driven by people, but instead drive themselves? This technology might be closer to becoming a reality than many people realize. One of the benefits of self-driving cars is that they might be safer than ones currently on the road because there are no human drivers behind the wheel. Drivers can make errors in judgment, be affected by drinking alcohol, or are too tired to safely operate a vehicle.

As a result, self-driving cars might be able to drive faster than cars now, because they can better avoid getting in crashes. However, despite this ability, it will be impossible to completely eliminate accidents. Fortunately, self-driving cars will keep accurate records of their movements, so there should be little doubt about which vehicle was at fault in a crash. These cars might also be more likely to have on-board video recorders, which will record exactly what took place in an accident — allowing injured people to be compensated quickly.

Source: The New York Times, “Self-Driving Cars Will Make Accident Claims Easier,” Casey B. Mulligan, April 2, 2014

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