Girl learning to adapt after losing her limbs to gangrene

Parents will go to almost any length to protect their children. When kids are in the hospital, however, those protective feelings can be trumped by helplessness. Doctors and nurses are often very confident in their abilities, but when the condition of a sick child doesn’t improve, parents may feel they have little to do except entrust modern medicine to do its job.

Unfortunately, medical blunders happen sometimes, and medical malpractice is to blame. When this happens, New Yorkers may attempt to seek compensation as a result of the wrongs that have been done. Experienced medical malpractice attorneys often work with families whose children now face a lifetime of challenges as a result of medical mistakes.

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One girl is making the best of her situation, despite having her arms and legs amputated as a result of a delayed diagnosis by doctors. The 8-year-old girl banged her knee at school, and within days was experiencing symptoms that eventually proved to be sepsis; however, medical staff gave her no antibiotics for more than 24 hours after the girl had arrived at the hospital.

In the days to follow, the girl’s limbs became discolored as gangrene set in. Ultimately, the doctors had no choice but to amputate all four of her limbs in order to prevent the illness from spreading.

Now that the girl’s case has settled for $32 million, she will have many future needs taken care of, including having a caregiver at all times and living in an accessible house. She will gain access to the money when she turns 18.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Sepsis claimed girl’s limbs but not her spirit,” Stacy St. Clair, Jan. 2, 2014

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