Accidents Caused by Vehicles Involved in a Recall

Over the last few months, General Motors has issued recalls for millions of cars that have factory defects, in response to several deaths of consumers that have occurred due to the ignition problems with GM vehicles. A recent news story stated that the company is set to begin processing claims for the families of the victims, but many consumers are not happy with the compensation being offered by GM for the loss or injuries of their loved ones, and have instead sought the services of trial attorneys and filed lawsuits.

There is a particular uproar surrounding the recalls due to the fact that upper management allegedly knew about the ignition problems and failed to act in a timely manner and process recalls, a move that might have otherwise prevented several deaths. Trial attorneys and personal injury lawyers are filing claims for negligence and liability on the part of GM, and seeking to provide victims with justified compensation for the horrible tragedies and injuries that have befallen loved ones.

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Of course, GM is not the first car company to issue recalls, and certainly not the first in which accidents or deaths were caused by faulty workmanship. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident or suffered injuries in a car that should have been recalled, or you feel negligence on the part of a car company, it would be wise to consult with a personal injury attorney in NY.

An experienced personal injury attorney will thoroughly research the circumstances of you’re your injuries and help you to better determine if the car company is at fault, especially if there was a recall involved.

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