Head injuries are on the rise for bike riders – How can you best protect yourself?

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A recent study showed an increase in head injuries amongst bike riders who are part of a bike sharing program, such as the program in New York. The problem arises from a lack of helmets for many riders, as there is no law implemented stating that bike sharers need to wear one. New York brain injury lawyers can also attest to these findings, as they have seen several more cases of bike riders with serious head injuries since the bike sharing program was implemented.

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Riders can improve their safety by wearing a helmet at all times. While some cities, such as Seattle, are soon making it a law that helmets be made available to riders, it is still just under discussion in New York, so if you plan on riding one of New York City’s Citibikes, you might want to carry your own helmet until such time that the Citibikes are equipped with their own to lend riders. In this way you can lower the risk of an injury to the head.

Because the study also showed that amongst all the injuries suffered by riders in bike sharing programs, head injuries were the most common. Due to this, brain damage lawyers in NYC advise that anyone involved in an accident where head trauma is suffered should seek counsel immediately, so as to best determine the full extent of the injuries and subsequently receive compensation suitable for treatment and punitive damages, since head injuries can lead to additional problems later in life.

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