Injured By a Motorist While Riding Your Bike? How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

It is often said that bicyclists and motorists in NYC cannot share the road, despite numerous and continuous attempts to improve safety and awareness of each other. As such, accidents often occur in which a bicyclist has been injured by a motorist. In many unfortunate cases, such accidents can result in serious injury, and possibly even death.

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Victims of such an accident seeking compensation for injuries may find themselves waiting a long time for monetary compensation when choosing to deal with insurance companies. While this is typically standard in such occurrences, it doesn’t have to be the norm, and there is no reason why you should continue to suffer from injuries or struggle with medical bills while the insurance companies take their time processing paperwork. That’s where a serious injury lawyer in NYC can help.

NYC personal injury attorneys are well versed and experienced in handling cases where someone riding their bike was injured by a motorist, and can assist you in making sure that you receive everything you deserve, which is typically more than you might receive from the insurance companies if they are allowed to proceed without you retaining legal representation.

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Remember, when you’re the victim of an accident, you aren’t just necessarily entitled to compensation for your injuries. You might also be able to receive compensation for time lost from work, and additional monies to help you pay for bills while you are out of work, especially if you have lasting injuries. Speak to one of the top NY personal injury lawyers today if you or a family member has been injured by a motorist while riding your bike.

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