Bronx Jury Awards NYC Police Officer $31 Million Dollars

Today a Bronx jury awarded $31 Million dollars to a NYC police officer who was severely injured in an intersection collision with a New York City Transit Authority vehicle. The police officer, 45, sustained brain damage, nerve damage and knee injuries when the patrol car she was a passenger in was struck by Chevy suburban driven by bus supervisor Ronald Mills on August 18, 2004, at the intersection of Pelham Parkway and Boston Road, in the Pelham section of the Bronx.

Mr. Mills testified he did not see the police car which was travelling through a steady red light on the way to the scene of a robbery with a firearm.

According to brain injury attorney Paul Dansker, Esq. of Dansker & Aspromonte LLP Associates and Jonathan Shramko, Esq., the Officer underwent three knee surgeries and sustained permanent brain damage including memory impairment, cognitive dysfunction, traumatic migraine headaches, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, post-concussion syndrome and permanent nerve damage in her neck radiating into her left arm.

The Police Officer was ultimately terminated from the New York City Police Department in 2006 based on a showing that she was physically unable to perform the duties of a police officer.

Testimony by doctors at trial showed that the Officer was totally disabled and could not work in any capacity in the future.

“This is an example of justice at work in New York City. The jurors were smart and attentive and arrived at a decision which was fair and reasonable under the circumstances,” said Paul Dansker, lead trial counsel.

The New York City Transit Authority will appeal.

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