How do you calculate compensation for a wrongful death?


When a loved one dies as the result of negligence on the part of another individual, company or organization, it is considered a wrongful death. Family members can receive compensation for mental anguish, economic damages such as lost earnings that the deceased would have provided, lost benefits such as health benefits, psychological trauma, and other factors. The laws on wrongful death compensation vary from state to state, but the best NYC wrongful death lawyers have plenty of experience dealing with such incidences and typically help family members and loved ones recover significant damages.

Personal injury lawyers in NYC will also tell you that calculating compensation for a wrongful death often relies upon several factors. An organization or individual that has been negligent, causing a wrongful death, may at first attempt to offer a small settlement in exchange for not seeking legal counsel. In some cases, the organization might even attempt to say the victim was to blame for his or her own death. In either of these cases, it is always advisable to refuse any settlement and retain the services of an experienced New York City Personal Injury attorney.

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Your lawyer will help to build a case against the negligent party, as well as calculate how much economic, non-economic, and punitive damages would be a fair and reasonable settlement for the loss of your loved one. An experienced lawyer will be well versed with the complex calculations involved in wrongful death cases and will strive to get you the highest settlement possible from those who caused the wrongful death.

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