NY Transportation Companies Expected to Provide Safe Passage: Attorneys Investigate Possible Negligence in Accidents

bus accident on street

Accidents involving buses used for transportation have been on the rise in New York. The horrific injuries and deaths they cause to victims and the suffering families are placed through are often compensated by a good bus accident lawyer NYC due to driver or other company negligence.

Companies that are in the business of busing people around on tourist excursions or to travel destinations are expected to provide safe passage for their passengers. This includes ensuring that responsible drivers are hired and properly trained and that buses are maintained in proper working condition. This is required of companies that provide taxi and subway services as well. Passengers paying for such services place their trust in their abilities to get them to their destinations safely and the law agrees.

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If you, or a family member, have been injured in a transportation accident, then you should hire a NYC personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer will have the incident investigated for any signs of the company or driver negligence and then file a lawsuit on your behalf if such findings occur. It isn’t only transportation passengers that could be eligible for monetary damages. Pedestrians and their immediate families that are hit and injured or killed by taxis, buses, or other public transportation vehicles may also receive compensation by filing a suit through a pedestrian accident lawyer NYC. Contact our law office today for assistance with determining the legitimacy of your transportation injury case.

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