Protect Your Children: Obtain Legal Assistance for NY Day Care Negligence

People tend to automatically trust the care of their children to New York daycare providers and, in most cases, that trust is well placed. However, negligence in the daycare industry can occur just as readily as in any other sector of society, creating the need for a daycare or playground accident lawyer. Purposeful physical or psychological abuse as well as accidents due to negligent actions can result in your child being scared for years if not for life.

A case in point recently occurred in Rochester, NY involving an employee at a popular day care center who is suspected of subjecting children under the age of 13 to sexual advances. Child abuse is the only unsettling event that can occur while your children are under child care center supervision. Other types of negligence can occur, such as neglect, poor supervision, inappropriate forms of contact and failing to prevent foreseeable accidents.

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If you have a child or children that attend daycare, then you should thoroughly research the facility first and then constantly observe and listen to your child closely for any signs of mistreatment. You may be able to take legal action if harm or even death occurs to your child while they are under child care supervision if it can be proven that it was due to negligence. If you believe that such an event has occurred, contact an NYC personal injury lawyer at our firm to discuss your options.

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