Bus Accidents in NY and How to Seek Legal Recourse

double-decker bus

Visitors and residents of New York City are increasingly in danger of receiving injuries while utilizing the bus system due to accidents. As recently as August 5th of this year, 14 people were injured when one of the city’s popular double-decker buses used for transporting people on sightseeing excursions crashed into another double-decker bus that was parked.

Not only are people riding these buses subject to injury from accidents, but pedestrians are also often injured. In the example above, several of the 14 people were injured when the bus jumped the sidewalk curb and felled a light post, striking pedestrians. In another double-decker bus accident which occurred on June 18, 2014, an elderly woman was severely injured when she was struck and run over while in a crosswalk.

Tourists are often clueless to such incidents even if they check accident records of bus lines because NYC does not require such companies to report accidents to licensing agencies. In the case of the August 5 bus accident, the driver at fault had had his license suspended 11 previous times.

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Companies involved in this type of negligence should be held accountable for the suffering and damages caused by their drivers. New York personal injury attorneys ensure that if you, or a loved one, are involved in a bus accident while in the city, you will receive compensation for medical expenses, time off of work and other monetary judgments. Our attorneys are ready to provide you with a free consultation concerning your case.

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