Can a school be held liable for a child that was injured on the premises?

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When you drop your child off at school, you expect them to be safe and to be looked after by staff and faculty at the school. However, a New York City child injury lawyer can tell you that there are many common accidents that can befall your child at school, caused by unsafe school equipment, a disregard of proper safety measures and protocols, other students, a lack of supervision when children are playing in gym or at recess, and even unsafe health practices in the nurse’s office or in the cafeteria related to food prep.

Regardless of the reasons, the school ultimately has a responsibility for the safety of your children, and if your child has suffered any injuries while on school premises, and the school or a member of its staff can be found negligent or liable, you may have a right to compensation for your child’s injuries. Depending upon the situation, you may be entitled to sue various parties or entities, such as the school itself, the school board, or the school district. Do not take your child’s injuries lightly, and keep in mind that the same conditions that caused your child’s accident can also cause injuries to other children as well.

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It is recommended that you contact an experienced NYC personal injury attorney, as he or she will have the knowledge and experience to deal with such matters, and will know which officials to contact and what type of paperwork needs to be filed. Handling such matters on your own and dealing with insurance companies can be time-consuming, stressful, and ultimately leave you with very little compensation or recourse.

Do I Need a Lawyer If My Child Was Injured At School?

Child injuries in a public school setting are very serious and should not be taken lightly. They should be addressed immediately so that other children do not suffer the same types of preventable injuries. If you feel that you are entitled to relief, you should contact a personal injury lawyer who can help you prepare your claim. Specific legal requirements may vary from district to district. It may be necessary to inquire with NYC Premises Accidents Attorney regarding the laws of your specific jurisdiction.

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